Luxurious Interiors celebrates prominent American designers through hundreds of their most alluring residential creations. The extraordinary collection abounds with visual inspiration, from palatial waterfront properties to classically styled estates, sleek urban abodes, rustic mountain homes, and more. Large, vibrant images illustrate ideals such as the appropriate use of scale, proportion, and color while insightful commentary reveals how each design was achieved and what makes it so spectacular. Whether jumping into a new construction project, remodeling an existing home, or simply looking for decorating ideas, Luxurious Interiors is sure to impart inspiration.

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Renowned for its energy and style, New York has long been a magnet for leaders in fashion, art, design, and commerce. As a home to some of the world’s leading tastemakers, it’s no wonder that New York’s top interiors would be as dynamic and varied as its inhabitants. Willey Design is proud to have two projects featured in this stunning volume, which offers a glimpse into some luxurious and imaginative rooms otherwise seen by the privileged few. Whether it’s aspiration or curiosity that drives you, you’ll find plenty to marvel at in these extraordinary high-end living spaces.

Edited by Vanessa Weiner von Bismarck
Texts by Jean Nayar
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