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La Jolla oceanfront

After designing my client’s New York City townhouse, they later acquired an additional West Coast residence to be closer to their families. This unique home built by a previous owner was influenced by Balinese, Thai, and Indonesian architecture, with a healthy dose of Frank Lloyd Wright. Since this exotic architecture lacked a specific style, my role was to soften and personalize the spaces, which began by stripping away the heavy ornamentation and letting the strong bones of the home become evident.

This residence, located in the coveted La Jolla Cove area with majestic ocean views, needed an infusion of personality and comfort. I brought in a palette of pale blue, dusty rose, ivory, and silver. New organic elements abound with the Venetian plaster walls, travertine fireplace surrounds, and teak detailing throughout.

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The furnishings are a mélange of natural materials: raffia, linen, cowhide, inlaid horn, driftwood, leather, and silk. The furnishings are a combination of custom upholstery and tables mixed with vintage pieces from China, France, and Italy. The dining room pendant has globes in hand-blown glass that creates an alluring constellation effect when dining, and the many terraces face the ocean or the enclosed swimming pool. The pool’s focal point is an imported 17th Century Shinto shrine that’s perched over the water, which is perfect for spending a lazy day lounging above the water.

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