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los angeles, ca

A full renovation of this five-bedroom 6,000 square foot residence in Brentwood was given a playful but elegant solution of patterns, colors, and textures. A “relaxed glamour” approach was used to create high-style design and practical durability by embellishing every detail of the home. Our design included new modern fireplace designs, a nine-foot sliding barn door divider, and adding bold combinations of layers and textures throughout. The pool and patio were redesigned and reenergized, and the alignment of the new architectural design with vibrant and dramatic furnishings defines today’s sophisticated and modern lifestyle.



I - LA-13 Family Room DESATURATED.jpg
F - LA-9 Living Room.jpg
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G - LA-12 Study.jpg
L - LA-22 Her Office.jpg


B OPTION 1 - LA-19 Dining Room.jpg
P OPTION 1 - LA-27 Guest Room.jpg
O - LA-21 Dining Room.jpg
N - LA-24 Master Bedroom CROPPED.jpg
M - LA-23 Master Bedroom DESATURATED.jpg
D - LA-7 Living Room.jpg
J - LA-14 Family Room DESATURATED.jpg